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Completed Projects
Completed Projects

Westminster Bridge
Throughout 2006 and 2007 Westminster Bridge undertook a major refurbishment carried out by Interserve (Special Projects Division).
Beever Limited won the contract to apply the protective paint system to both new cast iron and the refurbished old.
Exterior faces of all 7 spans were replaced by new panels. These were cast in Edinburgh, then transported to Beevers along with the reclaimed panels.
All castings were gritblasted to SA2.5. We then applied an international paint coating system to include a glass reinforced epoxy. Finally we applied the polyurethane finish colour to match the original Westminster green.
Westminster Bridge
Westminster Bridge
Westminster Bridge

Swale Crossing
2004 saw the construction of a new link bridge between the Isle of Sheppey and Kent.
The main 12,000 ton steel structure was constructed by Fairfield Maybey in Wales. Whilst Fairfield applied the protective treatment to the main girders, their work load did not allow them the production time for treatment of many of the cross beams and braces.
Beever Limited over a period of 6 months applied the protective system to approx. 400 tons of bracings and cross beams.
A coastal aggressive environment called for a high spec system:
Gritblast to SA3
100 microns thermally sprayed aluminium followed by 250 microns of epoxy intermediate coats and polyurethane finishes.
Swale Crossing
Swale Crossing
Swale Crossing

Leybourne Bypass Bow Arch Footbridge
In 2006 a new bypass was constructed to take the traffic out of the village of Leybourne in Kent.
Nusteel Structures fabricated a 55 metre contemporary designed bow arch footbridge for both equestrian and pedestrian usage.
Their busy workload meant that most of the protective treatment was carried out at Beevers.
Gritblasted to SA3
100 microns of thermally sprayed aluminium
Epoxy build coats to 250 microns
Finally 65 microns of polyurethane green.
Leybourne Bypass Bow Arch Footbridge

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Pedestrian Bridge
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals based at Sandwich in Kent have factories either side of the busy Sandwich road.
Britland Engineering constructed a three section bridge to give easier pedestrian access across the road.
Built in three sections, each 4.5 metres wide by 17.0 metres long, Beevers got the task of applying the protective paint system, again to suit a coastal environment.
Pfizer Footbridge
Pfizer Footbridge

Dockland Light Railway Footbridge
During the extension of Docklands Light Railway, some of the existing sections were widened, meaning footbridges and gantries also needed replacing or lengthening.
Burgess Engineering undertook fabrication of new structures. McNealy Brown undertook lengthening and alterations to existing.
Beevers carried out Railtrack RT98 protective paint systems to both the new builds and existing structures on behalf of both companies.
Dockland Footbridge

Ministry of Defence Mooring Buoys
Once fabricated these mooring buoys need a tough protective system suitable for immersed conditions in sea water.
After gritblasting, application of 500 microns of modified epoxy gives them the protection they need.
The above water section was then treated with a non-slip coating before being sprayed high visibility yellow.
Beevers then fitted out the buoys with rubber buffers and chains.
Mooring Buoys

Waste Water Treatment Plants
At Beevers we carry out protective treatments for the aggressive environment of waste water / sewage.
Over the years we have treated many large tanks and small components with recognised systems.
After gritblasting, vessels or components are normally treated with a glass flake or modified epoxy.
Waste Water Treatment Plants
Waste Water Treatment Plants